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Peterborough Housing Market – Where to Now?

It appears that government plans will shake up the property market. First time buyers have been all but locked out by the need to raise large deposits. Now this is set to change with government backed schemes to allow first-time buyers to get 95% mortgages and get on the housing ladder. Many younger people on […]

Challenging a Will – Undue Influence

When a loved one dies it will understandably be a difficult time. However, things can be even more difficult if it transpires that the deceased has left their estate to someone unexpected, such as their carer rather than family members. In such situations there may be suspicions that the deceased was pressured into leaving their […]

Financial Assistance for Cohabitants – Schedule 1 Children Act

Although the myth of ‘common law marriage’ persists, on separation cohabitants do not have the same entitlement to a fair share of the assets, or financial support, than those who are divorcing. Instead, separating cohabitants will generally only be eligible to a share of the assets that they actually jointly own with their former partner, […]

Coronavirus & Problem Tenants

Due to the coronavirus pandemic the government has changed the rules for landlords wanting to obtain possession of their property. In most cases this has made the process longer and more complicated. The steps that need to be followed are detailed below. Stage 1 – Negotiation Whilst not essential, there is an expectation that landlords […]

Court Delays? Go Private!

Court delays seem to have become worse in recent years with it taking longer than ever for hearings to be scheduled. There’s then the issue of contacting the Court which is almost impossible by phone and by email they will only accept certain documents. With the current coronavirus pandemic things have only got worse as […]

Child Arrangement Orders & Coronavirus

When ‘lockdown’ came into effect the Courts were clear that parents who had Child Arrangement Orders (CAO) were expected to continue to comply with the terms. This meant that children of separated parents were still allowed to go between their father’s and mother’s homes to comply with the child custody arrangements of any Court Order. […]


The terrifying C-19 Pandemic has caused many to face up to their mortality. Consequently, many people have been thinking about Wills. It is a requirement in English Law that there are two adult independent witnesses to a Will. Anecdotally, there have been many Wills executed using modern technology such as by Zoom, Skype, Facetime or […]

Flexible Virtual Opening Hours

With coronavirus unfortunately looking like it’s effects will be with us for some time to come, here at Waller Needham & Green we’ve introduced flexible virtual opening hours. Although our physical offices remain closed, we are very much open for business. Because we are working from home for the majority of time we can offer […]